Friday, 9 October 2015

Outsourcing And Globalization

Bangladesh is now a developing country. We improve our economic states from low. Our technology sector play an active role on here. So it is the main tram card. Our freelancer helps to increase on this steep. They working day to night and earn dollar that help increase our economy. We just watch first steep of this globalization. Lets come on the next steep.  We feel proud for participate on this competition.  Our country creates a lot of success on it sector. We have some international quality tutor. They ready to help you. Outsourcing mainly international job place. There have no fault. Outsourcing means you working on international marketplace like upwork, freelancer, elancer, guru, 99 design etc. If you think about freelancing or outsourcing so you must need have a PayPal account. Without PayPal account you never cash out your money from local bank. So I hope now you can understand necessary of PayPal account. It’s must need for a freelancer. When you get a job than your earn is start. Last day of week client payment you. Than you transfer you dollar PayPal to local

Outsourcing And Globalizations
Outsourcing And Globalization

bank. In past some people think that outsourcing mainly for develop country. But now in2015 this idea will be changed. Now world people start believe that outsourcing is a platform there any one can work if they have brilliant skill in English. In globalization age outsourcing one of the best money earning way. Now I share to all a painful side in our country. I must sure that every freelancer must face this trouble. When someone ask them where you working. Then at least 90 % freelancers feel shy to give answer of this question. If our government help us so must make a strong position on outsourcing in world. That help improve our country and remove poverty. Interpol give an alarming report. The report is next 20 years at least 85% job provide in online and normal job system remove from world. So we must need improve our self in it sector otherwise we fail down. So don’t be late lets come out from home and involved in outsourcing. I hope you never fail down if you have interest on it. Always try to be strong.

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