Monday, 21 September 2015

Web design bangla tutorial And web master

Web design bangla tutorial can help you for learn web design properly as a beginner. So if you are beginner so you can follow those tips. You can chose bangla tutorial for learn web design properly if you are a Bengali. So now i ask to all are you having curiosity about web design? So this basic web design bangla tutorial only for you. You can watch a lot of online money earning job. Like SEO, Data entry, Cpa marketing, PPC money earning, Blogginggraphic design etc. Web design is one of them. It is the best online money earning part. You can earn lot of money by doing web design job. Now I try to give you basic idea about web design. First we must need know what is web design? So let’s find out answer of this question. Web design is a process about designing. Client provides you PSD.  You just watch PSD carefully and complete this design. At first I think you need receive basic idea. For this thinking I write this post. If you think about web design so must need good knowledge about HTML and CSS. So what is HTML? Full meaning of html “hyper text markup language” It’s called web language. It’s also called computer language. It is computer main language. So web designer must need proper knowledge about html. Now comes to point what is CSS. Full meaning of CSS “casket style sheet” Your all web design has on this file. You must need knowledge about coding. I give an example that helps you get idea about what is HTML coding.

web design templates psd free download
Image of Web design logo

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html class='v2' dir='ltr'>


<meta content='width=1100' name='viewport'/>

<meta content='text/html; charset=UTF-8' http-equiv='Content-Type'/>

<script type="text/javascript">(function() { (function(){function c(a){this.t={};this.tick=function(a,c,b){var d=void 0!=b?b:(new Date).getTime();this.t[a]=[d,c];if(void 0==b)try{window.console.timeStamp("CSI/"+a)}catch(e){}};this.tick("start",null,a)}var a;window.performance&&(a=window.performance.timing);var h=a?new c(a.responseStart):new c;window.jstiming={Timer:c,load:h};if(a){var b=a.navigationStart,e=a.responseStart;0<b&&e>=b&&(}if(a){var d=window.jstiming.load;0<b&&e>=b&&(d.tick("_wtsrt",void 0,b),d.tick("wtsrt_",

"_wtsrt",e),d.tick("tbsd_","wtsrt_"))}try{a=null,,d&&0<b&&(d.tick("_tbnd",void 0,,d.tick("tbnd_","_tbnd",b))),null==a&&window.gtbExternal&&(a=window.gtbExternal.pageT()),null==a&&window.external&&(a=window.external.pageT,d&&0<

So I think you can’t understand what is this? I must sure that when you complete web design course then you can realized that what is html coding? But it is must necessary in web design. Where you find out web design job. A lot of online earning marketplace waiting for provides you web design job. Like upwork, freelancer, elancer, guru etc, so don’t worry for work. But at first you must need learn work properly then you can think about earning and work. Because if you not learn work properly so then when client provide you job you can’t supply their work properly. S I suggest to all learn work at first than think about earn. If you are a beginner so I think your first choice is web design bangla tutorial. It is effective for you. Remember one think web design is very hard online earning sector. So never lose your hope. You may be facing some problem at first time when you done html coding. But don’t worry passing some days your problem is solve. Never think negative success is waiting for you. Best wish for all.              

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