Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Freelancing marketplace in Bangladesh and free job tips

Freelancing marketplace in Bangladesh mainly effective for Bangladeshi freelancer. So now I give to all clear idea about marketplace. Most of online student face this problem. They have no proper idea about marketplace. I write this post for them hope that it will be effective for them. I want they receive proper idea marketplace. So what is marketplace? Marketplace is platform there you can get work and earn money. Lets details now. It is a platform there client provide you job. You just bid work when client give you job than it’s your time you complete work and post on client. We are Bangladeshi as this cause we must need know about Bangladeshi marketplace. So must nee proper idea about freelancing marketplace in Bangladesh. Here I share to all top quality freelancing marketplace details. I know that you must see various kinds of freelancing marketplace in online. But all are not effective for you. If you have knowledge about some effective marketplace so I think that is very sine for you. So

Freelancing Marketplace BD
Image of Freelancing Marketplace BD
let’s start now.
Upwork: - Upwork is the best online marketplace for Bangladesh. At least 70% freelancers like to work on upwork. I hope now you can realized that why upwork is the best online earning marketplace. This site has some extra ordinary facility those facility you not get other site. You can application for job 60 times per month. So this site has a lot of job opportunity that you can’t get another marketplace. So for those reason I suggest to select upwork when you are beginner. First follow some role and complete your registration. When registration is over than chose some category. You can choose SEO, Web design, Blog, Data entry, Web development, Graphic design etc. There have lot of job that is enough for you. But remember on matter be careful. Those category you have great skill just select it. Never chose another category.
Freelancer:- Freelancer is one of the most popular marketplace in Bangladesh. But beginner first choice is not freelance. They like to work on upwork. But freelancer is not bad at all. It is not popular for Bangladeshi freelancer like upwork. But this site has lot of job post. So anyone can make their future by use freelancer.
99 Design:- I hope all of you realized some think by hear this name. Yes you are perfectly right on this occasion. This site mainly provide design related job. Like web design, wed development, web application, graphic design job etc. So if you find design related job so 99 design is you first choice. This site provides you some exclusive design related job that you expect. So you find work on Freelancing marketplace in Bangladesh. Because of that you are Bangladeshi. I hope this post may be effective for all.


Ashik 800 said...

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Lavonne said...

Hi there! I found your post while looking for freelancing websites. It's so interesting, and if you think about it a good freelancer could earn a great wage living in Bangladesh. I use Upwork and they gave me extra connects in my first month, so I could apply for lots of jobs, which really helped me to get started.

Lavonne @ Optimal RoI UK Limited