Sunday, 4 October 2015

Earn money from web site or blog.

At first I want to say that some confutation have in new freelancer about web site and blog. Blog is a web site there you can write regularly. That’s was a particular subject. Web site is a site there has no change. I mean to say that you can’t write this site regularly. You can earn money from web site and blog if it was attractive for public. If you have talent so take this decision. Your site makes money for your whole life. So let’s start how it possible. Earn from add posting:-It is the beat money earning process. When your site create popularity from people. When your site have lot of traffic then you can earn money from add posting. Some company provide you offer for posting their add. For this work you get money from them. They pay money to you for posting their add. Now someone ask me where get add. A lot of company already finding you for provide their add to you. When you site is ready for marketing then you can apply it. A lot of company have in online google adsence is one of them. It is more popular than other site. But for getting google adsence your site must need 30-40 new content. When you site have 30-40 new content then you will get add posting permit from google adsence. How you get add from google adsence i will share to you latter.

Website Or Blog
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Sell your own product:- You will sell your own product by using your own site. If your site have a lot of traffic so that you can get more than sell your own product from this site. But if you have no product so than it is not possible.
Affiliate marketing:- Affiliate marketing look like sells man work. You need sells company product.  When you sells their product than you get a commission. You can done affiliate marketing job by using your own site.
Email collection:- You can earn money from email collection. I think all of my friends you are all watch some web site have some different system. When you visit those web sites than must need use email verification. If your web site has this system so you can earn money from email collection. If 1000 visitor visit your web site regularly so than you can get 1000 email address. Before complete email collection you can sell to affiliate marketer. So you can earn money from email collection. But most important matter is that if your web site has no traffic so those tips may be not effective for you. But if your site have huge traffic so it is possible for you. We already lunched blogging training and free online earning course. Visit our site for contact.


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